Success In Any Economy

Economies change. In addition to many other factors, economies are especially subject to social, political and fiscal changes, and success is often viewed as inextricably linked to them. However, it is notable that success is attainable in any economy. Success may be sought, for example, in the domain of public acclaim, good health, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, or financial fields, or maybe some altogether different arena. The CelebrityExperts® herein (the authors) are great examples of reaping success in their chosen endeavors.

The obtaining of success in any sphere has no fixed rules. Success is a more of a subjective conclusion, one which brings satisfaction and pleasure from realizing desired goals. For all those seeking success, the key factors of adapting to changing market trends, planning, experience, a positive mindset, perseverance and action are all useful in achieving your goals.

To seize on opportunities either presented to you or of your own making, it is time and cost-saving, as well as prudent, to utilize a mentor to assist you in attaining your goal(s).

The CelebrityExperts® in this book can be your mentors; they have made their errors, climbed the mountain and experienced the view from the top. They can guide you and help you to avoid repeating their errors. Opportunities Knock!


  • Brian Tracy
  • James Thomasson
  • Patrick Ziemer
  • Dr. Heidi Gregory-Mina
  • James Radford
  • Mike Heckman
  • Paul P. Phimasone
  • Bably Bhasin
  • Shawn Mason
  • Nick Nanton