Six-Figure Agent

The term Six-Figure Agent in the context of this book represents a real estate professional who earns a large annual income. Over the past twenty years, earning six figures has been a distinguishing milestone of success in this competitive industry – an industry in which you could begin working at ground zero – a compelling thought for anyone changing careers or entering the working world! Having decided you wish to attain a six-figure income as a real estate agent, a newcomer works with a realtor who trains and mentors them. In an occupation where personable, thoughtful, and proactive individuals can succeed, the attraction to jump into this vocation is enticing. Of course, many try unsuccessfully, but the outcome is invariably a result of their input.

Success has always depended on such factors as knowledge, mindset, perseverance, planning, and action. However, the need for mentoring is a crucial addition. Why mentoring? Instead of a lengthy ‘learn-by-your mistakes’ approach that may be harshly demanding or unsuccessful, mentoring invariably shortens your timeline to success.

The authors featured in this book have discovered their own paths to success in this profession. They may have chosen different routes, but they have found ways to get them to their goal. By following their advice, you can avoid their errors, adopt their counsel, and hasten the journey you started on to become a Six-Figure Agent.


  • Nick Good
  • James McClain
  • Philip Stringer
  • Samuel Basel
  • Kristen Haynes
  • Wally Bressler
  • John Kitchens
  • Bobby Davidowitz
  • Albie Stasek
  • Jay Kinder
  • Tricia Turner
  • Beth P. Silverman
  • Shelly Salas
  • Nicki Gregory Koch
  • Cindi Featherston-Shields