Home Staging Secrets

Chances are you have bought or sold a home in the past. The process is often a challenge. House buyers prefer looking at, and purchasing, houses that are move-in ready and appealing. The home décor of your average homeowner can vary from contemporary cave to shabby chic, and many sellers wish to show off their décor to prospective buyers, but this is a policy that can backfire. That’s where the Home Staging professional comes in. The Celebrity Expert® Home Staging professionals bring in their expertise to help both real estate agents and homeowners get houses ready for sale. They go ‘way past’ the old standby sales advice (keep the house and lawn clean and tidy) to transport your house to a new level of sales readiness and marketability – one that appeals to a broader range of buyers – with the specific goal of selling it in a shorter time for a higher price. To discover how the Celebrity Expert® Home Stagers work with real estate agents and homeowners to achieve this difference in the process, share in their secrets and advice in this book. You will wonder why you didn’t use one before!