Empathetic Leadership

Empathetic Leadership comes with a requirement to invest time and/or effort to get to know the party you are dealing with. It is not a conduit of assent. Getting to know and learning more of your competitor/prospect/mentee will invariably dictate how strong and long-lasting a relationship you are able to create. This is of paramount importance in developing negotiation skills.

Negotiation requires two to tango and can be used to settle any difference of opinion. In business or public life, whether it is a sales proposal being delivered, a hostage crisis, a training session or other faceoff, the establishment of a bond or trust between two entities involved is essential for achieving a viable solution for both parties.

The establishment of an empathetic relationship does not imply agreement. A zero-sum proposal is not used in an empathetic leader’s tool chest. Chris Voss, the acclaimed former FBI negotiator, states that: “In business, Tactical Empathy is the world’s great hack for influence and for results.” Perhaps you may like to learn more.


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