Cracking The Success Code Vol. 2

It is amazing how different we all think of Success. While some of us think in terms of material, measurable success, others think in terms of accomplishment, public acclaim, and/or moral intangibles. Whether measurable or not, we pursue our individual dreams to attain a feeling of accomplishment or perhaps in serving others. The major difference is that the former (measurable) is easy to quantify, while the latter (intangible) is steeped in opinion, judgment, and fulfillment. As no universal measurement for success exists, personal options abound.

The idea of Cracking the Success Code can be compared in some ways to finding the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Our ability to achieve our dreams can be totally enticing and attract us like a magnet. The beauty of achievement is that it can lead us to bigger dreams and greater successes. That is no surprise. Success is the very essence of our survival, focus, and growth. The CelebrityExperts® in this book have enjoyed cracking the success code. They have achieved a platform of success that can launch them to greater accomplishments. Learning how they have attained their goals is an important lesson to all who chase their dreams. If you wish to pursue your own dreams, you can learn from their experiences (both successes and failures), therein saving yourself both valuable time and expense. The authors herein can mentor you on their successes and even what they avoided – lessons worth their weight in gold! It is now time for action.