Compliance Made Easy

Could you be blindsided by a cyber-attack, IT failure, or employee mistakes? Are you 100% certain that your cybersecurity and compliance strategy is NOT outdated and inadequate? Medical practices are the #1target for cyber criminals. Assessments of medical facilities and other covered entities across the country revealed that the vast majority are unaware and wildly unprepared for a security incident, much less to score well in a HIPAA compliance risk analysis. is book addresses the inaccurate, insufficient, and incomplete assumptions about IT security and HIPAA compliance that is putting HIPAA organizations at profound risk. Its ten authors, best-in-class IT, and HIPAA compliance leaders are among the fewer than one percent that truly know how to secure IT systems for healthcare businesses. Compliance Made Easy is a must-read for every executive or doctor at a medical practice or other HIPAA-covered entity who wants the truth about the NEW and critical changes to IT security, insurance coverage, and HIPAA compliance and the REAL costs, consequences, and damage to your practice if these aren’t addressed. Using layperson’s terms, it simplifies what to do in complete, practical, and affordable steps. Whether you have an internal or external IT department, or a modest IT budget, Compliance Made Easy will give you the confidence to undergo HIPAA audits and ensure you are protected against an expensive, devastating cyber-attack and the subsequent costs, damages, lawsuits, and fines that can follow.


Charles Hammett, Christerbell Clincy, Craig Peterson, Daniel Williams, Gareth McKee, Paul Tracey, Rusty Goodwin, Shane Serrant, Steve Seroshek, William Dickherber