Minnesota Fitness Guru Pumps Up His Client Base, and Revenue, with CelebrityPress™ Best-Seller

Authoring Book Helps Exercise Entrepreneur Shape Up His Workshops

What better way to assure potential clients of your experience and expertise – than to author a best-selling book about the service you provide?

That’s what fitness entrepreneur Justin Yule, President of the Minnesota-based Justin Yule Enterprises, thought would happen when he signed with CelebrityPress™ to be a part of their best-seller, “Total Body Breakthroughs:  The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Proven Health, Fitness & Nutrition Secrets To Help You Achieve The Body You’ve Always Wanted But Couldn’t Until Now!”   It was a gamble that paid off.

“First and foremost,” says Yule, “the book has given me even more credibility in the eyes of my clients, plus they think it’s really cool.  In addition, having it mentioned in two local papers has made me more recognized in the community.”

Yule is now holding “Total Body Breakthrough” Workshops regularly to take advantage of the attention he’s garnered from the book, which was spotlighted both in “The Eden Prairie News” and “The Chanhassen Villager” newspapers.    His first was a rousing and profitable success and two more will be held in the foreseeable future.

“Total Body Breakthroughs” was released in February of 2011 and reached best-seller status internationally, reaching #9 overall.  In the United States, the book reached #1 in the Quick Workouts Category, #2 in the Exercise and Fitness Category and #12 in Health Mind & Body.  In the United Kingdom, the book reached #7 in Complementary, #14 in Fitness and Exercise and #75 in Men’s Health and Lifestyle.

CelebrityPress™has made it their business to help entrepreneurs and professionals in almost every field imaginable enjoy publishing, and most importantly Best-Seller, success quickly and easily.  The company was created by founders Nick Nantonand J.W. Dicks, best-Selling business authors of more than 25 books combined, to provide an alternative publishing platform to entrepreneurs and professional experts.

CelebrityPress™ provides these experts with the opportunity to combine their unique messages into anthologies that cover the “best of” any particular topic.  Since 2009, the publisher has already been responsible for 16 best-sellers featuring over 300 authors – and it has a steady stream of new books in production, featuring many other influential business figures.

From speaking engagements to media appearances, from generating leads to closing business deals, CelebrityPress™ authors have quickly discovered that books substantially boost their profiles as well as their bottom lines.

“Justin’s success story is as satisfying as it gest for us,”  says CelebrityPress CEO Nick Nanton. “We show our authorshow to realize a profitable and influential afterlife from the publication of their best-sellers, and nothing makes us happier than when they come up with new and great ideas we can share with our other authors.  By attaching his book’s name to his workshops and featuring it prominently in his sales materials, Justin is really maximizing his author status in a smart and strategic manner that’s really paying off for him in all kinds of incredible ways. ”