Will “Power” Duquette, an internationally renowned
hypnotist and a master of powerful communication and
achievement, has been harnessing and tapping into the
powers of the human mind since his own childhood.
Duquette not only trains you in this mastery, he
programs you to help guarantee your success in ALL areas, including mind,
body, relationships, and building wealth fast! He calls this Wealth Attraction
Like many people, Will Duquette came from very humble beginnings, but
through dedication, education and hard work, he created financial freedom
for himself. Will can help you create that very same success for yourself. He
will tell you the truth about how to make money—he knows because he’s
done it from nothing! But it will take a few things from you: commitment,
hard work, and the right tools and necessary mindset.
Through his control of the subconscious mind, Will Duquette turned his world
around. He is now a respected business and personal consultant and a master
trainer in human personal development programs. Today, Will is recognized
as a leading expert in the skill areas of subconscious reprogramming
and persuasion and influence, both of which are crucial to your success.
As a hypnotist, Will Duquette has entertained and educated audiences on
stage for many years. He is the creator of the most powerful, funny and effective
hypnotic stage show in the world! He has countless success stories
of people just like you who have trained with him and transformed their lives
forever. AND YOU CAN TOO! Come watch, learn and experience the often
misunderstood power you all have within you, and learn how you too can
achieve anything you set your mind to do, with the proper training from Will
“Power” Duquette. Learn to take control of your own mind and your future.
Most people think they need more “how-to” information in order to build
wealth, but this is simply not true. What they need is the proper mindset to
achieve their dreams and goals, and this is exactly what Will Duquette can

Join Will “Power” Duquette and you will learn to create a millionaire mindset
that will program you for a massive SHIFT in your life! Learn to conquer your
fears and start taking actions TODAY towards what you know you should be
doing. Become unstoppable, so that you can attract and build wealth more
quickly and easily than EVER before. Double your income and live a rewarding
and empowered life. Explode your self-confidence at will and commit
to your success instantly. Will Duquette created a powerful and permanent
shift in his life, and now he will show you how to create your own personal
power shift, too. Start TODAY!
We’ll see you at the show!
If you would like to book Will “Power” Duquette to speak at an event, email
[email protected], visit, or call
his office at (904) 260-9500.