Insightful, witty, and playful, Dr. Wayne D. Pernell brings more than thirty years of experience helping leaders at all levels to draw on their emerging strengths, helping them to define and then set strategic pathways to attain clear success. Dr. Pernell knows the power of clarity and focus as foundational elements in
relationships and leadership.
As an internationally acclaimed Author, Speaker, Certified High Performance Coach, and morning television guest, Dr. Wayne D. Pernell’s work has helped thousands of people across the globe.
A native of California, Wayne grew up on the beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula grateful and inspired each day by the magnificent sunsets over the water. Encouraged to explore topics about which he was curious, he began studying hypnosis and martial arts at the age of twelve. He knew he had found his calling as he understood deeply that what the mind can conceive, a person can achieve. Wayne’s father, a dentist and entrepreneur, encouraged his academic pursuits. His mother balanced his humanistic interests, supporting his passion to enter the field of psychology to contribute to the arenas of human potential enhancement and transformational leadership.
After earning his doctorate in clinical psychology, Dr. Pernell began working with leaders across a broad array of organizations and, in building bridges between line staff and leadership, organizational efficiency ensued. Dr. Pernell’s efforts have included relationship counseling, leadership coaching, and even holding senior management level positions, himself.
Throughout his journey, Dr. Wayne D. Pernell continues coaching individuals and consulting with organizations, always looking for ways to help people step into their greatness to share their unique gifts and talents.
As a fourth-degree black belt, coach, and author, his influence spread to the community. As Sensei Wayne, his students learn to continually assess available options in an effort to best minimize or eliminate conflict. Drawing on concepts from Bushido (the “Way of the Warrior”), Sensei Wayne helps his clients (and his readers) get through tough spots and reduce conflict in their lives by emphasizing the power of choice even during extremely high-pressure situations.
Also affectionately known by friends and family as “Dr. Wayne” or “Dr. P,” this man of many talents is no stranger to the stage. In addition to his work in coaching individuals and organizations, speaking, and training groups of all sizes internationally, Dr. Pernell is an accomplished magician. These days he’s likely to engage you in Choosing Your Power (the title of his first book) or pull out a “M.A.G.I.C.” formula (as he explains in his morning TV segments) in the service of helping his clients.
When not on the road, Wayne is happily at home in Northern California just south of Napa Valley with his wife and his two sons, daughter, and two bonus daughters grow further into their independence in the world.
Dr Pernell invites you to keep moving forward, enjoying the challenge and rewards that come from Choosing Your Power as you create Your Winning Way!
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