Warren Martin has been professionally changing people’s
lives since 2000. He has always been active and
interested in fitness as far back as he can remember. He
played all available sports in school and then two days
after he graduated from high school he was shipped to
Marine Corps Bootcamp, where he was awarded most physically fit in his
platoon upon graduation. From there he went on to get his Bachelors in
Wellness & Fitness. He then developed his Methods, and WM Fitness has
grown to be known as one of the most sound and prominent programs in
the nation.
In that Journey, Warren started by learning about the fitness industry
through NASM and APEX Fitness Group nutrition, because their foundation
was science-based and they were soon to be the leaders in the industry. His
programs are used by the normal everyday person up to the Professional
Athlete such as an international pro basketball player, top LPGA player, Pro
Boxer, and former Mr. Arkansas – bodybuilder, just to name a few.
Warren’s Accomplishments
US Marine Corps
BS Wellness/Fitness Programming Management
Apex Fitness Group – CPT,
Reebok Group Fitness & Freemotion Fitness
NSCA member
NASM PES (performance enhancement specialist)
NASM CES (corrective exercise specialist)
HFPN (health fitness provider network)
NESTA-Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach (MMACC)
Specializations: Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness, Weight Management, Fat
Loss, Muscle Development, Lower Back Injury, Neck/Shoulder Injury, Foot/
Ankle/Knee Injury, Cardio Specialist, SQA performance, Golf performance,
Prenatal/Postnatal, and much more.