Vincent Corsi is a software developer and a partner of IQ Software Systems. Vincent specializes in the development of fully automated investment softwares for stock investing and Forex investing that are algorithmic traders. His most recent accomplishment has been the development of Automatic Day Trader, stock-trading software that trades based on arbitrage. The software: revolutionized the
industry as the one and only stock arbitrage software available to the public.
Vincent’s extensive career has included Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), data analytics and project management. He is also a partner with, a website development and SEO company.
Vincent will be doing live weekly webinars where curious investors can learn more about stock arbitrage and how it empowers investors.
When he is not developing software, Vincent relaxes with his family. For more information about IQ Software products or Vincent Corsi, visit his website www. or email him [email protected] .