Valery Fedorenko is a World Champion kettlebell athlete from the former USSR who has records still standing after more than 20 years. A subject of early Soviet Sports Science study, Valery was the first Kettlebell Expert to reveal his methods of super-fitness to the public. Even though he does not compete today, he stays in top condition using his own form of Strength and Conditioning by way of the Kettlebell, and has dedicated his life to bringing that information to other athletes as well as those looking for a simple form of fitness that promotes health and well-being – and at the same time produces results.
Along with the organization World Kettlebell Club®, Coach Fedorenko multiplies his information exponentially by producing WKC® Master Trainers that are authorized to transfer the specialized knowledge and methods to other Trainers. Those Trainers go on teaching their own students and so on. The lineage within WKC® is unparalleled in the industry. It’s not uncommon to see a WKC® Champion who is Coached by a WKC® Champion who is also Coached by a WKC® Champion. World Kettlebell Club® literally has the top current athletes from around the world as part of its team. Valery Fedorenko has been called the Worlds Ambassador to Kettlebells.
Coach Fedorenko has personally worked with UFC Fighters, NFL Players, MLB Players, and many other Pro and College Athletes, as well as Police, Fire and Military. He continues to Coach a few Kettlebell Athletes, but he prefers to instill his methods of super-fitness in regular people who had no idea what potential they had within them.
To learn more about Valery Fedorenko, find him on YouTube and Facebook @ VFWorkout.
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