Travis Motley is the co-owner and director of athletic development
at Impact Strength and Performance in Bellevue, Washington.
He is one of the most sought after sports performance
coaches in the Northwest. His expertise in athletic development
and speed enhancement has led hundreds of high school, collegiate
and professional athletes from the NFL, NBA and MLS into his facility. His
thirst for knowledge has led to the development of the most cutting-edge and resultsdriven
He serves as the director of sports performance at three different high schools and
is in high demand to local club sports as a performance consultant and performance
coach. Despite his success, he is most proud of the relationships he creates with his
athletes, normally training them for their entire competitive career. As a former Professional
athlete, Travis understands the physical and psychological demands placed
on athletes, which gives him a very unique insight and ability to not only relate to his
athletes, but also produce results – to which Travis attributes his incredible retention
When Travis isn’t coaching or watching one of his athletes compete, you can catch
him standing by the nearest grill, barbequing for his family and friends and spending
as much time as possible hanging out with his wife and son.