Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller are the nation’s leading experts on attracting
customers, and the authors of the best-selling book Gravitational
Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers and Invasion
of the Profit Snatchers: A Practical Guide to Increase Sales
without Cutting Prices & Protecting your Dealership from Looters,
Moochers, & Vendors Gone Wild.
Called “The Penn & Teller of Marketing,” Jim & Travis have been
helping business owners differentiate themselves, attract customers
and increase sales for over a decade. In 2004 they created
Gravitational Marketing®, an exclusive customer attraction agency
for busy entrepreneurs who want to stand out and sell more without
spending more in advertising.
Jim & Travis also own and operate Rich Dealers® International,
one of the largest retail automotive advertising agencies in the world.
Collectively, their campaigns have resulted in over 12 billion dollars in sales. Every
month they create record shattering promotions and bring together some of the
brightest and most successful entrepreneurs and business people to participate in
fun and insanely profitable think-tank, mastermind experiences.
Jim and Travis have spoken all over the world on their special brand of customer
attraction, known as Gravitational Marketing®, and have been seen on or in Entrepreneur
Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Forbes, CNBC,
Fox Business, Advertising Age, Direct Marketing News, BusinessWeek, Brandweek
and many other publications and media outlets.
Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller believe that life and business should be ESP—Enjoyable,
Simple & Prosperous. They help make this a reality through their work at Gravitational
Marketing®, freeing business owners from tedious tasks that keep them bound to the
business, worried about profitability and unable to live their lives to the fullest.
Jim and Travis both reside in Orlando, Florida, each married with two young children.