Tracie Tom’s entrepreneurial spirit materialized when she was just eight years old and launched her first business – Spice Ropes, inspired by some that she saw hanging at a newly built Wal-Mart in Arkansas. She immediately bought supplies to make them herself and set out on a new venture. Within weeks she had profited close to $200, a tidy sum for an eight year old. She invested the profits into a button-making business and started a drop-ship company, all before high-school.

By the age of 25, she owned a portfolio of income-producing real estate. She took her love of real estate to an entirely different level when she decided to start flipping properties. By the age of 35, she was financially able to retire, but still continues to develop and flip properties. She is currently working on her personal memoir, Soles.

Her mission is to help business people succeed in the real estate market.