Traci Bild is one of those rare people who can say she is a consultant, speaker, and author and mean it. Her consulting firm, Dynamic Performance, Inc., has attracted such diverse clients as Discover Business Services, Welcome Home Management, Tampa International Forest Products (Four Cities Trading Group), Southern Living at HOME, and over 100 other leading organizations. Over the past five years, Traci’s primary work has been within the Senior Housing Market. Clients include: Summerville Senior Living, Carlton Senior Living, Capital Health Care, Senior Star Living, ACTS Retirement Life Communities, and more. Her clients generate, on average, an additional $2.9 million in added revenue within the first six months of using her systems.

Today, Traci only takes on a select number of clients, whom she works with long-term to aggressively grow their organizations. Whether it’s speaking at an annual conference, a regional sales meeting, conducting a TeleSeminar training, or developing a customized Training Manual, Traci delivers. Other services Dynamic Performance offers are an extensive line of sales tools to drive sales: Lost Lead Surveys, Customer Satisfaction Interviews, Mystery Shops, and more.

Her publishing includes over 50 articles and her book, 7 Steps to Successful Selling (from Perigee Books) was released nationwide in the spring of 2000. Traci is the winner of two Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards from Working Woman Magazine for both Best Original Product and Most Innovative Business Strategies and has founded five companies to date.

Whether speaking or consulting, Traci does not just tell people what to do to create success in their organizations, she shows them how to do it, step-by-step and puts systems in place to ensure her work continues long after she is gone.

Traci’s ultimate objective is to help those in your organization learn to work smart, not hard, so they can work more efficiently and with greater confidence than ever before. Read Traci’s book and articles and walk away a more skilled sales person, hire Traci for a speaking engagement and expect rave reviews and requests to have her back, sign on for long-term consulting and experience the best return on investment ever made in sales training and education.


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What is different about your sales training program?

What is 100% different about our program is that we roll out the training in the form of a one to two day seminar & FOLLOW THAT UP with six to twelve months of coaching. Training in itself does not deliver results. We want to ensure you get a return on your investment & for that reason, we work with your marketing team to ensure the systems introduced are fully implemented in their buildings. The most challenging job we have is changing human behavior; those old habits.

What is the difference in a one or two day program?

A full day program will allow us to roll out our Sales Success System & give participants time for much needed role playing. The #1 comment we get on evaluations is, “The seminar needs to be longer!” Although our systems are common sense simple, there is a lot of content & learning involved. Two day allows people to learn at a much more reasonable pace & takes the pressure to cram it all in within one day (to be frank). Additionally, two days will allow us to fully roll out our results-driven outreach program, “Circle of Influence.” If building a strong referral network & community presence is important to you, we suggest you hold a two day event if at all possible.

Who should attend the training?

We would like everyone possible to attend our training program. It is critical that your Marketing team as well as administrator are at the event & if at all possible, KEY members of the backup team. We teach the importance of working as a team to fill your building. The more people who get to hear the training first hand, the better!

What do you mean by “Guaranteeing Results?”

We have a very strong track record of results. Up until the economic collapse, our average client generated a 10% increase in Company-wide occupancy within 6 months of using our systems. We still have clients doing this, even in these challenging times. Because we cannot control the market, we are still guaranteeing a 5% increase in occupancy minimally within 6 months of implementing our program. If we do not achieve this goal we will work with you at no additional fee until we hit the goal. In 10 years of training we have only had to do this twice & once was due to 100% staff turnover in marketing.

How do we get new hires up to speed once we implement your training program?

We have a popular Marketing Director IN a BOX training kit. This kit contains 5 audio CDs & a complete training guide. This program is designed to be self-study or trainer directed. It is important to us that if your trainer is busy; your new Marketer does not fall through the cracks & that is the reason for the self-study approach. These kits are part of your training program & each building will get one to keep on hand.