Tony Park, born and raised in Tasmania, Australia and living in his community of Sorell with his family tribe, has a passion for assisting people, businesses and his broader community.
Tony’s understanding of tribes started at a young age when he became a cub scout in 1965. His understanding of the stages people must go though in their personal development continued to deepen. Since then, Tony has taken personal and business development to the next level – Business and Community Tribes, where the focus is on teams becoming tribes. This tribe mentality creates a stronger two-way linkage within teams that benefits the individuals, the business and their communities.
All through life he has used the power of people networks – the power of tribes – to help people and business operate at their maximum potential. Tony is the recipient of many business and community awards on a local, National and International level, including from: Scouts Australia, Junior Chamber International, Telstra Small Business Awards, Tasmanian Tourism Awards, and Academic awards at the University of Tasmania.
Tony has been directly involved in many community and not-for-profit organisations for over 40 years, including Scouts Australia, Rural Youth, Young Liberals, Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees), Chamber of Commerce – local, National and International levels, industry organisations in construction, tourism, transport, agriculture, education and aged care – as well as assisting many organisations like Rotary, Lions, Heart Foundation, Cancer Council, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Hutchins Old Boys, Athenaeum Club and Cystic Fibrosis.
Tony Park has been successful in developing businesses in Transport, Retail, Tourism, Construction, Agriculture, Aged Care, Franchising, Consulting/Coaching and IT, using the theory and basics of Tribal and Network Theory to develop some of the major brands in these sectors in his community. Currently with consulting and coaching businesses at: and www.businessgardener., he also has developed an online market place for business animation: and a world-leading tourism package booking system: www.
Park is the author of a number of books and academic papers, including Business Tribes – Turbo Charge your circle of influence for profit. Tony has a large range of qualifications as a Fellow to a number of Australian Organisations, National and International coaching and mentoring qualifications, and a large range of University qualifications, including an MBA(Mktg.), Masters of Marketing, and currently he is a PhD candidate. Tony has been a speaker and coach across 24 countries around the world, an academic with a number of Universities across Australia, with published papers on networking and developing tribes, he is working and advising people all over the world, in what they can achieve when they harness their Tribal Power for themselves. It does take time, it does take planning – it does take a start.
Tony has a number of programs designed to assist you to understand, create and maintain the tribes in your life. Contact him at [email protected] to start your journey to engage your tribes and Ignite your life.
Visit: and register for the business tribe blog and coaching, and become part of his tribe for success.