Toni Martucci is a Best-Selling Author and creator of KidFit, the nations leading at-home Child Weight Loss and Fitness Program. She has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX as one of the World’s Leading Experts in Child Fitness and was recently on the television show “America’s Premier Experts” speaking on the affects and cures for Childhood Obesity.

Toni is on an unstoppable mission to cure childhood obesity. Being brought up in the average American household, in a world of fast-food, T.V. and video games, she battled weight issues throughout her adolescent years and has now made it her life mission to stop this issue amongst our youth and prevent the negative life-long side effects that come with this disease. Toni began a child’s fitness and nutrition program inside of her husband’s fitness center after graduating from Adelphi University. Toni’s program thrived with such success and had such a great impact on the children in the program that she wanted to be able to help children all around the world.

Toni developed her program to help overweight children lose weight but that wasn’t her only goal; her curriculum is revolved around developing life skills and goal setting.
The concrete pavements of her program include these qualities along with the development of self-discipline, improved concentration and a positive mental attitude. Her goal is to have children build their confidence by losing weight, and teaching them how to use their new found confidence to set and achieve their goals, helping children see their full potential and most importantly, loving and believing in themselves. Through Toni’s experience with childhood weight loss and extensive knowledge in nutrition, she has developed a program using her proven formula to guarantee weight loss results.

In addition to expanding her award winning KidFit program worldwide; Toni is a renowned motivational speaker. She speaks at venues and schools across the country teaching parents and children about proper nutrition and exercise and how they can be a foundation for increased self-esteem, confidence, and success in life.

You can stay connected with Toni at:
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