Motivational Speaker • Social Media Marketing Business Consultant • Networking Trainer to Lawyers and Accountants

Toni Fitzgerald is an engaging and passionate motivational speaker, having worked in radio and with four major television networks, as well as gaining a real-world, bricks-and-mortar background in marketing strategy, advertising and promotion for B2B, retail and lifestyle companies. She is author of the marketing manual Shoptactics, two years in a row has been a senior judge for the Financial Review Internet Awards, and was named by the Australian National Newspaper as “One of the New Stars of the New Economy.”

As the only Australian chosen to contribute to Dare to Succeed, Toni now shares her lessons on the value of connecting with both your customers, and perhaps more important, with your employees; and how savvy businesses are using this engagement to motivate their employees and foster their initiative. Toni speaks from the heart about lessons learned from the challenges in her career, from sidekick to Humphrey B. Bear on children’s television, from national current affairs TV journalist to high-profile corporate marketing manager, and to the very ups and terrible downs as a business owner. Also, the stories of her challenges across her time spent in Africa are funny, sad and inspiring all at the same time.

Toni believes that the fast and changing pace of life today has left most of us not knowing who we are and what we want…and until we can connect with our own self, we cannot be happy in the job that we are doing or the company we are working for.

Toni is not just a motivational speaker but has a strong focus on guiding businesses in developing sustainable, self-perpetuating and loyal relationships with both customers and employees.

As Toni says: “It’s no longer business as usual.” you can read more about her at