Foster Web Marketing is a business based in Alexandria, Virginia. Since its incorporation in 1998, the company’s mission has always been to provide support and technical solutions for attorneys, helping them get the most from new web design technology that can improve long-term business performance of their firms. By staying one step ahead of the technology curve and anticipating the business needs of attorneys on a variety of levels, Foster Web Marketing has gained a solid reputation as a “secret weapon” for our many attorney clients.

By integrating unique and appealing design approaches with the latest in search engine optimization strategies, we have created a network of sites that are both easy to find and highly impressive to visitors. As the World Wide Web continues to fundamentally influence the way all of us communicate, we recognize that an attorney’s web site will often form the first impression that prospective clients will have about the attorney and the firm. We therefore have two goals in mind for every client site we design:

Expose the client’s site to as many first impressions as possible.

We accomplish this through search engine optimization strategies that give our clients consistent page 1 rankings on today’s leading search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, for keywords pertinent to their practice areas. Effectively using search engines as referral tools for your firm can increase visitor traffic to your site by as much as 50 per cent. After your site is completed and launched, Foster Web Marketing provides ongoing support and services to help you obtain and sustain important keyword rankings.

Whenever possible, make each first impression a positive and lasting one.

By and large, most people seeking attorneys are in trouble and need help. Establishing an impressive and responsive web site that anticipates and empathizes with both the immediate and long-term legal needs of prospective clients is the best formula for attorneys seeking success through the Internet.

Creating a site that serves not just as a sales tool but also as an informational resource for someone injured or wronged will make the site more demonstrably empathetic and useful, which means visitors will stay longer at the site, return to it later or refer it to a friend or loved one. Preparing your site to make that small connection with visitors greatly improves the possibility that sooner or later the client will contact the attorney through the web site. After all, high placement on the search engines means little (and can even be detrimental to your firm) if visitors arrive at an unimpressive, poorly written and poorly designed site.

Our goal isn’t just to get you more traffic. We also want to persuade prospective clients to take action and communicate with your firm about delicate legal matters. Effectively conveying the trust, professionalism and confidence clients can expect from your firm is the best way to accomplish this.


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Do you create pages, either on my server or somewhere else, that are not built in to the navigation of my site?

Another common technique that some search engine optimization companies employ is the creation of “doorway pages.” Since the term “doorway page” now has such a negative connotation in the industry, many search engine optimization companies have their own names for such pages: “gateway pages,” “bridge pages,” “targeted entry pages,” “specialized content pages,” and so on. Whatever they are called, such pages are rarely effective and also put websites at risk of penalization, as this is another tactic that violates the terms of service of every major engine. If your potential search engine optimization company does not give you a definitive “no” to the above question, you may want to look elsewhere.

What are the best video search engines to focus on?

These are great video search engines to start with. Create accounts at each one of these video sites and start adding your videos! Click here to get information about us doing your video for your website.

How does an attorney do effective link building on a website to improve search engine optimization and page rank?

This is a great question that many attorney clients ask us. Please check out this blog post article on Tom Foster’s Lawyer Marketing Blog if you want to know the ten basic link building techniques for attorneys.

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