Tom Crossley is an Information Technology support
expert who is passionate about delivering technology
that “just plain works the way it’s supposed to.” Tom
is founder and president of Fairoaks Consulting, Inc.,
bringing world-class, enterprise-level IT support to
small and medium-sized businesses for over 20 years.
Technology advances at a dizzying speed. While technology helps small
to medium-size companies, it also frightens them as they can’t afford the
infrastructure to actively adopt the newest and best, nor to defend themselves
from the constant threat of being invaded or outdated. For a fraction of the
cost, the small to medium-sized company can have all the benefits of a large
company’s in-house IT power from Fairoaks. Their motto, “You Manage Your
Business. We’ll Manage The Technology Behind It.” sums it all up.
Tom prides himself in providing personal service. Distinguishing themselves
from a large IT chain’s off-the-shelf service, Fairoaks staff knows their
client’s business, their names and their unique situations. They enlarge and
empower small companies. Tom’s ethical stand is “I treat my client’s money
as if it was my own.” There is no one-size-fits-all service. All of his clients’
IT needs are crafted to align with their business and their budget. “I have to
be creative to give them state of the art, essential and affordable service and
I’m proud of it.” says Tom. Many business owners are proud to add Fairoaks
to their ‘My Doctor, My Financial Advisor and My IT Guy’ list.
It’s Tom’s strong belief that the success of small to medium-sized companies
is the key to strengthening our nation’s economy. Because of this, he enjoys
sharing his expertise with other business owners speaking on data security,
network management, business continuity and other topics at live events,
radio broadcasts and webinars.
Tom graduated summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts in
1979 with a dual degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
and a minor in Industrial Psychology. Before applying his practical, nononsense
approach to the IT arena, Tom worked for GE as a consultant and
manager throughout the U.S.A., the Caribbean and Asia, then co-founded a
property management company in Massachusetts.
Tom brings his dedication and focus to his personal interests. He is an avid,
instrument-rated private pilot who also has a passion for invention. In 2010,
Tom patented a new product for a portable, off-airport aircraft tie-down
system, and along with his son, Adam, co-founded Storm Force Tie Downs.
The product has been sold at trade shows and online since 2011.
Away from the office, Tom likes to spend time with his family, getting away
to the cabin in Maine for some hiking or snowmobiling. With his family, Tom
has hiked and camped from the canyons of Utah and Arizona to the Swiss
Alps and Italian seacoast. He’s also been known by his friends, on a clear
morning, to extend an invitation to fly with him to Martha’s Vineyard, landing
on a small grass airstrip for breakfast at the airfield before work.
You can connect with Tom at:
[email protected]