Todd Lamb grew up on the Canadian prairies and currently lives on the West Coast of Canada. Todd was heavily involved in sports growing up primarily focusing on football, rugby and hockey.

He attended grade school through to College in Alberta. Upon graduation he began commercial diving and ultimately followed his calling to serve his country in the Canadian Armed Forces. He served as part of the Special Service Force in the 1st Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment.

After earning his jump wings he would have gladly continued to take orders from well meaning Sergeant Majors (even the ones with mess tin syndrome – if you’ve served you know what I mean) however the storied Canadian Airborne Regiment was disbanded and his military dream ended. Disenchanted, he returned to commercial diving on Canada’s west coast.

In 1998 he began his policing career and served on the Police Dive Unit, the Canine Unit and the Emergency Response Team (SWAT) of which he is currently the Sergeant and team leader. Todd and his partner Police Service Dog Rogue successfully captured 2 Canadian Police Canine Championship titles during their service as a team. Todd also graduated from the University Of Victoria School of Public Administration while working as a police officer.

Along with another team member, he was awarded the medal of Meritorious Service by the Lieutenant Governor of BC for actions taken during a hostage rescue mission. Todd was also awarded the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to his community with distinction.

Todd is the founder of Rogue Syndication. He seeks out individuals who possess a desire to help people, and grow their business. His partners and clients include Submissions 101, BodyRipped, The White Peony along with a select few others with whom he has worked behind the scenes.

When not working, which is almost never, you can find Todd waterskiing through the placid waters of Lake Cowichan, BC. This is where problems are solved and the real work gets done.