Tinka Milinovic (born November 27, 1973) is a Bosnia-Herzegovinian
television and radio star and personality, opera singer, recording
artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, actress and model who has
appeared on the covers of numerous magazines in Europe.
Starting at age 18, without the assistance of professional legal counsel, Milinovic
represented herself before the U.S. immigration system and became a U.S. citizen, a
process that took Milinovic several years.
Milinovic’s music and tv career was chronicled in a stream of magazine covers, performances
and TV appearances in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the United States
where she expanded her fan base to international circles. Tinka is a contributing
author for the No. 1 lifestyle and fashion magazine in the Middle East, and several
others in Europe. Her prolific writings cover topics related to relationships, love, lifestyle
and travel.
Presently residing in West Hollywood, New York City and Europe, Milinovic is working
on The Tinka Show targeting the US audience and international television markets.
Milinovic’s forthcoming book aims to give a glimpse into the international celebrity
lifestyle. She is developing a reality show based on her life story, with all the battles
and betrayals, thrills and chills, hardships and triumphs, and how she handles it all
with her signature joie de vivre.
Milinovic has commented on her perspective on life. “My life is a tapestry of interesting
episodes and decisions, some good, some not so good. But it’s all been worth
it,” says Milinovic. “I’ve seen things, I’ve experienced things, I made it to the top by
throwing myself into the unknown and not being afraid to experience what life has to
offer. Now I have a lot to share and inspire others.”
Milinovic has returned to the US to further her American market commercial interests,
tell her story and find a forum in which to share her brand, and to empower women
on their journey to discover themselves and follow their heart’s desire.