Tim Dixon is putting an end to mediocrity. With a background in psychology and 13 years of coaching experience, Tim is sought out by athletes at all levels, from high school to professionals. His expertise in visualization training delivers a true sense of clarity; allowing the athlete to perform at higher levels of play. Recognized for his presence and impact from the stage, Tim has been a featured speaker at Coaches Conventions, Baseball Camps, and several Business Events around the Country.
Although the majority of Tim’s time is spent in the athletic arena, you can also find him coaching in a classroom or workshop. A Squadron Professional Ethics Advisor (SPEA) and Certified Character Coach with the United States Air Force Academy, Tim teaches honor lessons to 125 cadets each year as well as working one on one with future officers on building character and overcoming obstacles in everyday life. Tim’s mental training workshops are not for those who seek comfort; he challenges the daily choices and forces you to push through current expectations.
Critically acclaimed for his slightly morbid talk “The Final Word,” an eye opening experience delivering your own eulogy. Tim exposes the ugly truth behind mediocrity and leaves you motivated for lasting change.
Learn more about Tim Dixon and how you can download a free audio introduction to “CHAMP: The 5 Steps to Discovering your Inner Coach” at or call 719-297-7131.