Thomas Friebe is one of the most successful voice-over artists in Germany. Millions of people know and are familiar with his voice. Whether it is a show, a documentary, sports or commentaries – you can hear him every day throughout different genres on various TV stations. He is the German voice
for the hero “Desmond Miles” from the blockbuster game series Assassin’s Creed, the station voice for the national TV channels RTL Nitro and BibelTV, as well as the narrator for numerous audio books. His great success and his popularity stem from his distinctive, clear and sonorous voice and especially from his tremendous versatility and the precise attitude with which he breathes life into the texts and characters.

After his journalistic training in radio, he switched to television and was at that time, the youngest TV editor-in-chief in Germany at only 22 years of age. After that, Thomas Friebe worked as an on-air producer for national TV stations (RTL Television, RTL2, VOX) and was the first German employee for the American TV station Nickelodeon in Germany.

Together with his brother, he founded the TV production company “Tof Intermedia”. As the creative director and executive producer he has been responsible for several TV shows, campaigns, events and industrial films for notable international clients – many of which were award-winning productions. Since 2001, Thomas Friebe works full-time as a voice-over artist. His freshly-founded production company “Media Productions To Free” successfully runs a recording studio and produces videos for mobile and social media.

Because Thomas Friebe suffered from fear of the microphone in the beginning of his career, he has been helping clients for a few years now to overcome their fear of speaking and to act with self-assurance. For this, he developed the digital program “In 5 Schritten zu einem sicheren Auftritt und mehr Selbstvertrauen” (“In 5 steps to a confident and self-assured appearance”), which has already helped many people.

As an expert on convincing performance, Thomas Friebe also coaches executives and entrepreneurs. In doing so, there is nothing more exciting to him than to ferret out the often hidden talents of his clients and uncover these together with them, and nothing more fulfilling than to observe and share in this positive change.

Thomas Friebe is convinced that a happy and fulfilled life can only be led by unfolding your own talents and using them to their fullest. To this message, he devotes all his energy and passion, in his family (his wife and four children), in his coachings, as a voice-over artist and as a keynote speaker.

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