Tarik Alsharafi, MBA, CMQ/OE, PMP, CCNP, CCDP is the founder
of where he shares how to be wealthy and
successful every day of your life. Tarik has over 10 years of experience
working in many areas ranging from Administration and
Operations to Quality and Change Management. He has managed large and complex
projects from increasing business efficiency and effectiveness to real estate development
to country wide IT networks.
Tarik has founded and co-founded several businesses in Information Technology, Design
& Printing, Real Estate Development and FMCG. He has worked with International
Organizations – including the United Nations, Oil Companies, Government Entities,
Private Sector Companies, Consulting & Auditing Firms and Training Institutes.
From his experience, he believes success and wealth building are an everyday process.
They can be achieved by changing our daily habits to wealthy ones, removing
emotional barriers from one’s mind, and allowing wealth and success to manifest
themselves easily and smoothly. provides both personal and business advice. The website is
like a giant user guide with tips and techniques on how to be wealthy and live life to
its fullest.
To be all you can be, visit and …
“Become Wealthy & Successful Everyday”