Tait Zimmerman is a lifelong Alaskan, raised in a real estate family.
He has been involved in the development and marketing of the
family-based business since 2000 and has helped his team grow
from 25 sales a year to well over 100. Since 2004, he has been
mentored on a weekly basis by various top real estate experts.
Together, Tait and his father Don, the broker of The Zimmerman team, won the Rock
Star and Commitment to Excellence award given to Kinder/Reese coaching members
for outstanding achievement. Tait’s goal in working with clients is to give them such
a high level of service that they feel compelled to refer friends and family to The Zimmerman
Team. Tait and his wife, Lauren, have three boys. In addition to real estate,
Tait enjoys working on nonprofit projects, hunting, fishing, hiking, and enjoying the
beautiful outdoors of Alaska.