Scott Ashbaugh is the founder and manager of Ashcraft Properties
Inc. and a realtor with Evenboer-Walton Realtors located
in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Previously, Scott was an engineer and
manager in the automotive industry, managing large groups of
skilled trade, staff and engineers in businesses that each brought
in $20 million per year in sales, as well as managing automotive car launches worth
more than $40 million per year in sales. Scott has experience managing technical
and diverse teams with widespread responsibilities.
Today, Scott has created a new career, taking a hobby—investing in real estate for
the past 12 years—and built it into a full-time career. Ashcraft Properties works with
investors by partnering with them to acquire and manage real estate holdings. By
following his passion, he has helped both sellers and buyers do what they couldn’t
do the old fashioned way. Scott is affiliated with many other investors as well as a
handpicked team of professionals, building a stronger and broader network of those
who can help.
He’s committed to ethical and creative ways of providing a “problem-solving” real
estate mind-set to the marketplace, as well as an ongoing commitment to building
long-term relationships with his clients, and private lenders/investors, to benefit and
support their involvement with his organization and further improve their investments
and holdings.
For any questions or for more information, we would be happy to help. Contact Scott
at [email protected] as well as our company’s main website at www.AshcraftProperties.
com. We can be reached directly by calling (269) 978-1985.
Ashcraft Properties Inc. is located in the Kentwood area of Grand Rapids, Michigan, at
6026 Kalamazoo Ave. SE, #184, Kentwood MI 49508.