Creative, strategic, and hard-working, Suzanne Ricci’s goal-oriented thinking and her desire to be the best are traits that have expressed themselves since she was a little girl. As a top badge holder in Girl Scout cookie sales and a consistent first place winner in both hula hooping and jumping rope, Suzanne’s passion for success and
leading the way started early on and became lifelong pursuits.
With a relentless drive to win, Suzanne learned to create and follow well-planned recipes for success in everything she set her mind to. Recognizing her abilities and the happiness she found in helping others, she then took the strategies she employs in her own life and started sharing them with individuals and companies. Through career advice, individual training plans, and corporate staff education programs, she has helped many others find their way to the top. And for Suzanne, who takes great pleasure in helping others reach their potential, seeing her clients succeed is ‘the icing on the cake.’
As in every life, twists and turns have given Suzanne opportunities to explore and flourish. Believing every experience represents a chance to grow and learn, Suzanne draws on her life experiences and adventures to create unique plans for growth tailored to individuals and companies in all phases of development.
From idea girl to execution master, Suzanne’s ability to make complex situations simple always exceeds her clients’ expectations.
You can connect with Suzanne at: [email protected]