Sussi Mattsson, also known as “Sussi from Sweden”, is an in-demand International thought leader, speaker and coach. Her interviews have aired on CNN, Fox News and CNBC. Sussi is innovative, walks her talk, and she is not afraid to push the envelope. She takes great pride in being innovative and on the
cutting edge. Losing her mother to cancer as a little girl has further fueled her desire to live a life of significance and make a difference.
Sussi is a founding council member of the Global Economic Initiative Forum and has been a featured presenter at the United Nations in New York. She is personally mentored by Jack Canfield and is also a Canfield Train The Trainer graduate.
In one of her forthcoming books, Sussi takes the readers on a journey of hope and overcoming obstacles as she describes her compelling life story. In another of Sussi’s soon-to-be-published books, the readers are given practical tools and strategies for having a solid mindset, self-awareness and attitude.
In her role as a speaker, coach and advisor, Sussi inspires, motivates and challenges her clients to reach far beyond what they themselves believe is possible. She is licensed by the International Coaching Federation as a Business Coach. Additionally, being a licensed Stress Therapist provides added value to all of Sussi’s leadership and coaching programs.
Prior to becoming the CEO of Mattsson Group, Sussi worked as an Interior Architect for 13 years on such projects as ambassador mansions, five star hotels, office complexes, schools in third world countries, and living/working quarters for scientists worldwide. Because of her international success and commitment to get results, Sussi was also recruited by IKEA Headquarters to be the one and only Business Development Manager for IKEA, an integral position she held for five years.
Sussi left this position with a clear vision and a business plan to focus on solutions for the challenge of “How can we best develop successful future leaders who develop high performance teams while at the same time achieving a balanced lifestyle?” All of Sussi’s clients, regardless of their field, have one key common denominator: They are committed to developing successful leaders with a Peak Performance Mindset, while at the same time, maintaining a healthy corporate culture. All programs are customized and based upon real life examples. Sussi takes great pride in her commitment to maximizing the performance of each participant.
The interactive learning environment provides practical and relevant exercises from everyday life. Cultivating leadership skills using mental toughness techniques, leaders going though Sussi’s programs feel empowered, with a high level of self-confidence and a peak performance mindset.
In addition to World-Class Leadership Programs and coaching, Sussi also offers exclusive Retreats.
You can connect with Sussi at: [email protected]