Susan Kansky helps people get to the reasons behind their weight gain and resolve them for effortless weight loss. She is a Resonance Repatterning practitioner, and expert in Energy Psychology methods for resolving the patterns that turn on the emotional fat switches. Susan helps frustrated overweight people lose weight effortlessly, by helping them turn off their emotional fat switches, to switch off the fat storage mode in their body. She is passionate about helping people gently and effectively clear their specific cravings for foods, and their food and dieting traumas and issues.
Susan offers sessions and self-care emotional acupressure products to members of her Private Membership Association called Optimum Wellness PMA. Susan brings her 30 years of experience and a vast depth of understanding and knowledge to her work with overweight people. In individual sessions for her members, Susan quickly identifies and clears the specific issues that switch on fat storage. Susan developed EASY™-an Emotional Acupressure Self-care for You™ method for her members to use to clear stress and other food issues on their own. Members report losing weight without even trying to, and without going on a diet. Others report having their food cravings disappear and stay gone. Visit or 928-925-3426 for information about Susan Kansky’s services and products that support losing weight effortlessly the easy way.