PhD (USA), ND (Aust., USA), MD (MA) (Sri Lanka), DABAAHP (USA)
Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist and Homoeopath, Clinical
Nutritionist, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Dr. Sundardas is the leading Naturopathic Physician, practicing for the last 20 years in
Singapore. His clinical interests include children’s learning disabilities (ADD/ADHD,
Autism, Infections), Allergies, Women’s Health Concerns, Musculoskeletal Pain and
Healthy Aging. He is currently Professor of Naturopathic Medicine at the Youngson
Institute of Natural Science (Australia) and runs a busy practice in Singapore. He
was also a visiting professor to the Open International University for Complementary
Medicine (Sri Lanka).
Dr. Sundardas is a certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Professionals
and a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is also a
registered Naturopathic Physician with the Naturopathic Practitioners’ Association
(Australia) and Fellow of the Faculty, University of Natural Medicine (Nevada).
His client list includes leading Asian actresses and entertainers, diplomats,
ambassadors, political figures, royalty from Malaysia and wealthy families in Asia,
the Middle East and India. Among other clients are executives from Goldman and
Sachs, IBM, SIMEX, FOREX, companies like Batey Ads, Business Trends, NTUC,
as well as, local government bodies like the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of
Education (Singapore).
He is the CEO of Sundardas Naturopathic Clinic, which specializes in the
management of chronic health conditions.
Dr. Sundardas is a speaker, trainer and consultant to health-related companies and
has served as a wellness and nutritional consultant to companies in Singapore,
Thailand and India. Dr. Sundardas has helped companies in wellness areas to
generate more than $15 million dollars in sales using strategic technical positioning.
Dr. Sundardas is a well-respected media personality who has been interviewed
by TCS, CNBC Asia and BBC World and others for the last 19 years. He has
been interviewed many times on radio and ran a regular talk show for two years
on Complementary Medicine. He is the author of 18 books eight of which have
been published.
He has won awards both local and foreign ranging from Associate of the Teachers’
Network awarded by the Ministry of Education (Singapore) to Dr. Yudvir Singh
Memorial Award (India) to being listed in the Who’s Who of Intellectuals (USA).
His company Natural Therapies Research Centre recently won the Promising SME
500 Award. Promising SME 500 Award is one of the reputable awards in Singapore
initiated by the Small Medium Business Association (SMBA), to recognize and
acknowledge promising small and medium business enterprises in recognition of
company achievements, good business practices, operational efficiency, leadership,
sustainability, value and use of modern technology to create for customers, the firm
and its partners.
Dr. Sundardas is a national and international speaker and trainer on wellness,
peak performance and sustainability and has shared the stage with the likes of
Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Wheelwright, Ken McElroy, Rick Belluzo, and Krish Dhanam
at events like the National Achiever’s Congress. He is available to do talks and
keynote speeches.