Sua Truong helps alleviate stress for his clients throughout the challenging process of financing their property so that they can enjoy their life and focus on their family or their business. They have full confidence in him and trust that he will always do what is in their best interest. His integrity is the cornerstone of what he does and
why he has been so successful in such a short period of time as a mortgage broker. In just under four years, he has become the #1 Mortgage Broker in his community.
Sua has built his career on doing what is right for his client rather than what is best for his wallet. Helping people has been the biggest motivating factor in his life and he feels on purpose whenever he makes a big difference in their life. This mindset is what led him to his moment of inspiration where he came up with an idea to generate leads from his competitors. He calls it “Creating Ambassadors the Contrarian Way.” He found a way to enlist his competitors to refer unlimited clients to him and yet both parties can still come out as winners. He has helped senior managers and advisors from nearly every major bank as well as other brokers from competing brokerages. These competitors have referred to him fully qualified business prospects on a daily basis.
Sua is a graduate of Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Although his love was in computer systems technology, his passion has always been about helping people. As a senior mortgage broker, he mentors and trains mortgage brokers. As the President of MoneyMasters Toastmasters (2014), he helps inspire and mentor potential leaders. Outside of work, he helps fellow real estate investors by organizing and teaching at the fastest-growing Real Estate Investment Club in his area.
Sua is a regular contributor to the local community newspaper and trains other professionals at his local real estate office. He has spoken on Fairchild Radio Vancouver as an expert on mortgage financing. As far as he knows, Sua is the only mortgage broker trainer that will allow outside brokers from other offices to freely attend his training. You can tell he truly believes and does what Zig Ziglar teaches: “You can have everything in life that you want, if only you help enough other people get what they want.”
You can connect with Sua at: