Steve Wood, C.Aed, DTM, lives in Ontario, Canada.
Steve was born in Liverpool, England where he attended college and obtained his mechanical engineering degree. A couple of years later, he and his wife decided to emigrate to Canada. He
loved his new life in Canada but soon realized there would be more opportunities for him if he had an electronic background. So while working fulltime, he went back to college parttime (four hours per night, four nights a week, for two years) to obtain his electro-mechanical engineering certificate. This enabled Steve to get his dream job in robotics. While working in this field, Steve’s position morphed into training others in this area and topics like health and safety.
Steve wanted to be a better trainer / presenter, so he joined the Toastmasters organization to improve his communication skills. Steve soon realized he loved seeing folks improve their skills and develop confidence in themselves. Helping others improve their lives became his passion, and Steve once again went back to college to obtain an Adult Education Certificate.
Steve is an award winning, high energy speaker and trainer. Clients applaud his effectiveness as a trainer and motivator. Steve’s natural and easy humor style, engages and motivates his audiences and they leave with a newfound belief in their abilities.
Having gone through crises himself, Steve draws from his own experiences and has led thousands of folks to pivotal change in their business and personal objectives. Steve has helped folks overcome their fears and has paved the way for many of his students to learn to embrace change and ignite their lives by making change work for them.
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