Stephen Lundin, Ph.D., the bestselling author of the FISH! series of books, with over 7 million copies in print, has an inventory of work experience ranging from dishwasher to think tank executive; teacher to business school dean; golf caddy to camp director;
and small business owner to national sales manager. Today, Steve Lundin spends his time writing, speaking and filmmaking. He has taken his powerful messages about FISH!, Top Performer, and Innovation to audiences all over the world. By sharing his powerful, personal and authentic message, Stephen Lundin awakens his audi- ences to the possibilities that already exist in every workplace, every home and every life. Stephen Lundin’s best selling book, FISH!, has continuously been a weekly Wall Street Journal bestseller and monthly BusinessWeek bestseller for more than four years. The now business-staple has also appeared frequently on the New York Times Business, Publishers Weekly, USA Today and Barnes and Noble bestseller lists. Pub- lished in 34 languages with over 4 million copies in print worldwide, FISH! has taken the FISH! Philosophy to all corners of the world. His book CATS: The Nine Lives of Innovation, takes the position that organizations don’t innovate, people do. So if you want to have a more innovative organization, develop more innovative employees. The curriculum for this employee development is The Nine Lives of Innovation. Ste- phen’s most recent work, co-authored with Bob Nelson, is UBUNTU, a powerful story about the African philosophy of teamwork and collaboration that has the power to reshape our workplaces, our relationships with our coworkers, and our personal lives, written by the bestselling coauthor of FISH! and the bestselling author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees. Steve may be contacted at [email protected].