Stephen Kuska has over 42 years of experience in the computer consulting industry. His early years (15 Years with IBM) gave him the opportunity to be involved with industry-leading technologies from incubation to delivery. Working with some of our nation’s largest companies, Stephen was instrumental in implementing these
emerging technologies which gave those companies their competitive advantage in the market place.
After leaving IBM in 1987 and starting his own consulting firm, Stephen continued his relationship with IBM. Working in a partner relationship, Stephen’s firm was instrumental in completing a number of contracts/projects with many companies that include American Express, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Office Depot and Motorola. After a number of years operating in this environment, Stephen’s company was recognized by IBM for their contribution in assisting them achieve their Malcolm Baldridge Award (the only National Quality Award.)
As President of Computer Solutions Unlimited, Stephen remains engaged in developing future technologies. To date, Stephen has been able to lead his clients through the age of the mainframe computers, through the PC distributed network age, and is now well-positioned to lead them through the next generation of cloud computing. Drawing on his years of experience in the ever-evolving technical environment and his focus on the security and cybercrime issues of the day, he is in a unique position to address current network security situations, and their challenges.
As the only OS33 Certified Partner in Florida, he brings the same leading technologies in use by companies such as Fidelity Financial to the local marketplace. He is well- positioned to speak about the future and address how organizations can best solve some of today’s challenges.