Stephen Bosch is the president and Managing Partner of BrandTruth. He co-founded the company in 2002 as a way of more powerfully applying his 20+ (now 30+) years of experience in appraising how some of world’s largest and most iconic brands (including P&G, NIKE, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Microsoft, HP, Apple, Nintendo, and others) connect or disconnect with their customers.
“We ultimately started BrandTruth because being corporate and brand insiders ourselves, we recognized that leaders of companies were basing critical decisions on partial or incomplete information about the consumer and marketplace conditions in which their products and services lived.”
Stephen is one of the key architects of BrandTruth’s proprietary “Stealth Immersion” methodology which was created to provide brand leadership teams rich information very quickly. Mr. Bosch says “To boil it down; we tell them what they missed… how many sales they didn’t get and why…. What competitors made and missed and why… what consumers are truly doing and saying and what that all ultimately means to their brand and bottom line”
To speak with Stephen directly and discuss how BrandTruth might be able help you and your brand maximize your go-to-market spend, please call 206.310.1622 or email [email protected]. To read more about BrandTruth (and to access the expanded version of (5) Criteria for Elite Brands) visit www.brandtruthcom