Spencer McDonald is a nationally recognized, awardwinning
author and business professional who has
appeared on television, radio and stages across North
America. He is the Founder and President of Spencer
McDonald & Associates Inc. and Thinking Driver, an
international company that provides training and consulting on vehicle
safety to government and industry.
Spencer rose from humble roots as an adopted child in a middle class family
to become a leader in his field. He was awarded the 2008 Transport Canada
Award of Achievement and the 2013 Canadian Society of Safety Engineering
Award of Achievement.
He is a respected and frequently-published author and has written extensively
for Canadian and U.S. publications. Having built a successful international
training business, Spencer is giving back by sharing his four decades of
business experience with fellow entrepreneurs, and business leaders.
Spencer draws on the challenges he overcame as a survivor of abuse and
bullying as a child and subsequent episodes of depression as an adult, as
well as the day-to-day hurdles he faced and surmounted, to become a
successful entrepreneur delivering presentations that move and motivate
with a focus on value-added, actionable, takeaway concepts.
An adventurer and motorsport enthusiast, Spencer is a Canadian motorcycle
racing National Champion and extreme adventure motorcyclist. He has ridden
motorcycles from Death Valley to the Arctic Circle. He is also a nationally
certified sailing instructor and has skippered and taught in the waters of the
U.S. and Canadian west coast and in the Caribbean. His expertise as a master
trainer led him to be called on by the Justice Institute to train emergency
vehicle operators, including police officers, in advanced and pursuit driving.
“I always seem to end up teaching what I love to do, that’s why I ended up
teaching people to drive almost any vehicle including police cars, to ride
motorcycles and to sail. That is also why I am so passionate about teaching
people how to achieve greater success as an entrepreneur or within a
corporate structure.”

As a sought-after keynote speaker, he has delivered a multitude of speeches
and trainings across North America focused on his principal message, “You
create your reality.” Dr. Dawn Howard-Rose, PhD in Educational Psychology
says: “Spencer isn’t just a skilled facilitator, he wrote the book on group
Spencer McDonald inspires, entertains, teaches, trains and motivates
audiences to be more, do more, achieve more and have more. He is a
Certified Master Trainer and communicator with certifications in Counselling
and Hypnotherapy.
Spencer is not just a speaker or motivator: he is an entertaining keynote
speaker with a message. He brings “boots-on-the-ground” experience in
achieving business success in challenging economic times, both inside and
outside of corporate environments.
Reach Spencer at:
[email protected]