Custom Develop the “It Factor” for Long-Term Career & Lifestyle
Author, Artist, Speaker, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Mom. Self-
Proclaimed Comedienne. Self-Proclaimed Superhero. Teller of
Stories, Laugher of Jokes, Lover of Carbs, Loser of Keys.
Sonja is a popular author, speaker, guest contributor, media personality, and marketing
expert who’s regularly sought out for her entertaining and insightful opinions and
strategic tips on career progression, business development and marketing campaigns
that really work. She delivers a relevant, timely, empowering message, inspiring
people to live and contribute uniquely on their very own cutting edge, combining
soul-stirring wisdom with sharp business, career, life and marketing advice.
She’s the Artist/Owner of The Painted Laugh Studio & Art Gallery in Southern California,
where she custom-paints laughter for numerous celebrity clients…and she’s the only
one in the world who does! She’s been featured on Fox, NBC, and OK! magazine,
among others.
Sonja travels the country speaking to college and university students, entrepreneurs
and small-business owners, helping them flex and transform marketing, branding,
and media/PR skills for the future.
Applauded for her charisma, energy and engaging humor throughout her work,
Sonja connects with her audience like an old friend. She’s a new kind of role model
and a dynamic spokesperson for many generations, bridging the gap between X,
Y and the Millennials. Her concrete strategies increase bottom-line revenues,
skyrocket confidence and “swaggitude,” and ignite the most necessary aspects of
success: living fully engaged, being inspired by what you do, loving who you are, and
contributing to the good of our planet.
She’s author of My Master’s Degree Is Useless?!?! for adults (incredibly funny and
inspirational, but rated R for language), Think Different! The Illustrated Story and
Life Lessons of Steve Jobs for readers age 6 plus, and the upcoming kids’ series
The Big Book of Bios: Important Values, Characteristics, and Attitudes of Success
From Modern Day Role Models (the factual biography, timeline, famous quote(s) and
illustrations of 21 modern-day role models for readers age 6 plus).
Sonja lives in San Diego, California, with her son, two idiot dogs (whom she adores),
and a newly obtained spotted-leopard gecko (whom she thinks is alright). As if that
weren’t enough, her boyfriend just adopted a hunk o’ ridiculousness from San Diego
Bulldog Rescue. He’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. The dog. But for the record,
her boyfriend is no slouch, either.
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