Sincere Hogan is the owner of New Warrior Media and
the creator of New Warrior Training Systems, based in
Houston, TX. Better known as “The People’s Fit Coach”
Sincere’s mission is to coach, empower, and inspire individuals
to tap into their varied resources, in order to
create the health and fitness lifestyle they truly desire.
For nearly a decade, Sincere’s New Warrior Training Systems’ holistic blend
of mental programming, training recovery, bodyweight, kettlebell, and unconventional
training methods has successfully helped countless clients of
various age groups, fitness ranges, and backgrounds, exceed their goals and
expectations. Sincere is truly a connoisseur of the art of human movement,
and loves to share that passion with others, at every available opportunity.
Sincere is the author of the best-selling Ultimate Bodyweight Conditioning
for Strength & Fat Loss DVD. He has successfully coached 12 teams, in
preparation for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon® annual race in Chicago
(2009 & 2010), and has been featured regularly on numerous television
and radio stations, and has been interviewed, featured, and contributed
fitness articles in nationally-published magazines and newspapers such as:
Family Energy, IronMan Japan, Family Digest, My Mad Methods, The San
Antonio Express News, Health & Fitness Sports Magazine and various health
and fitness sites on the web.
Sincere has been featured regularly on Houston’s Fox 26 Morning News
“Workout Wednesdays,” and was also featured as the exclusive trainer for
Clear Channel Radio’s Arrow 93.7’s “World’s Biggest Loser” contest. Sincere
has also been featured on more than one occasion on radio stations.
Hogan, is a proud father and husband, and currently lives in Texas with his
beautiful wife, Paulette.
To learn more about Sincere Hogan, “The People’s Fit Coach,” or to join his
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