Shirley Richard is a leadership and life coach, speaker and author. She has always been driven by a strong desire for self-realization and has always felt this constant need to challenge and push herself beyond her limits. Nourished by extensive reading on personal growth literature, she starts listening to her own intuitions
and finds the power to make her dreams become a reality.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Administration with honors in Marketing from Bishop’s University, and as a new graduate, she first worked as a representative in the pharmaceutical industry in which she was very successful.
A few years later, she feels an urgent need to express her own creativity even more. One of her most cherished dreams has to be fulfilled. She decides to become an actress. Leaving behind the pharmaceutical industry, she then flies to New York City and gets enrolled at the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.
Back to Montreal, and for the next fifteen years, she successfully finds work as an actress.
She gets involved in hosting more than 600 special events (comedy shows, conferences, award ceremonies, annual meetings) for major companies. She gets cast in many TV commercials and corporate videos .
Shirley then founded her own theatre company. Inspired by the utmost importance of building self-esteem, she produces and write her first solo show to be performed in schools and cultural centers to thousands of children across the province of Quebec.
After the birth of her first son, she gets back to the pharmaceutical industry but in a different way. She coaches new representatives and uses her facilitating and motivational skills in order to create trustful and constructive links with them. All her regional and national incentive meetings lectures create a major impact. Her charisma, her passion and “joie de vivre” push her to motivate her colleagues. She then discovers herself having that special gift for making people feel good about themselves.
Shirley is passionate about inspiring others to uncover their purpose, stretch beyond their self-imposed limits and experience the greatness that is within them. She wants to share her experiences so that others can join her in this wonderful adventure called our life . . . so they can become the creator, author, and STAR of their own life.
She then takes coaching classes in the States and becomes an accredited leadership and life coach from Coach For Life, Orlando. She founded her own company “Cré/Action” that offers personalized coaching services.
Votre Vie en Tête D’affiche (Your life in the headlines) is the title of her new conference on the utmost importance of creating and living one’s own life to its fullest.
Shirley Richard is a member of the International Coaching Federation and a member of l’Union des Artistes.
She now lives north-east of Montreal.
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