“Make It Easy, Simple and Lucrative. That is My Motto.”
The unexpected death of the class guinea pig at her son’s school was just one of three wake-up calls Sheryl Wolowyk received in quick succession to cause her to exit a lucrative yet unfulfilling corporate career to blaze a trail as a successful,
fulfilled entrepreneur.
Since 1996, Sheryl Wolowyk – a successful serial entrepreneur – has created four multi-million dollar expert businesses serving clients in English-speaking nations around the globe. Each success – one right after the other – was created by following a simple, yet powerful operating style and philosophy. It is all about ESL. Make it Easy, Simple, and LucrativeTM.
Today, Sheryl deploys the strength of her talent, experience and voice to inspire and guide aspiring experts to follow her lead to build lucrative businesses and influential brands all their own. She guides them to create lasting and fulfilling legacies that leave a profound and favorable mark on the world.
Sheryl walks her own expert advice by amplifying her voice and message across the globe through a fast-growing radio and video platform. She is Executive Producer and host of the ExpertPreneurTM Radio Show, airing on the Amazing Women of Power Radio Network, serving 3.5 million listeners worldwide. Sheryl is also creator, editor, and publisher of ExpertPreneurTM Magazine, selling on the Apple newsstand since 2013 in 155 countries.
Action-focused aspiring experts rave about their success attracting clients, growing their revenues, and charging their worth as a direct result of the lessons they learn at Sheryl’s invitation. Clients engage in the ways that are the “best fit” for their learning styles, need for direct access and personal attention, and urgency to welcome results. To learn how you can work with Sheryl, go to: