Shawn Guiney, aka the Fitness Physician, BA, IYCA Youth
Fitness Specialist, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified
Personal Trainer, Crossfit Level 1 is a passionate, caring
individual with 10 years of experience working with
entrepreneurs and working professionals.
Shawn is the owner of Exercise Explorers Academy, CT. He prides himself
on truly understanding the unique challenges associated with being an
entrepreneur and owning a business or working long days as a professional
and trying to take care of his health.
His expertise is in mastering new workout techniques and illustrating those
techniques to his clients in a unique way that they can comprehend and
implement in their life. He teaches lifestyle fitness that is efficient and
effective for the busy Mom, Dad, Entrepreneur and Professional that is short
on time, ensuring fast results. Shawn is sought after by small business
owners, doctors and nurses throughout Southeastern CT and Long Island,
NY. He works with clients at his facility, in home personal training, through
email, Skype video messaging and feels that the more he makes himself
available to his clients, the more results they will see.
His motto is: “To Enhance the lives of those he touches through fitness and
nutritional advice.”
Shawn’s first responsibility is to the improvement of his clients and readers.
He has worked with over 500 clients in a very short period of time and
considers everyone who uses his facility to be a part of his fitness family.
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