From his first experience programming in high school,
Sean Daniels always had a keen interest in computers.
He later studied scientific and business-oriented
programming languages like FORTRAN, Assembler
and C++ in his college years at the University of
Massachusetts, Dartmouth, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in
Electrical Engineering in 1992.
Sean formed his first computer services company the following year and
began pursuing certifications with major industry partners like Cisco,
Microsoft and Novell. He has since been consulting in a wide variety of
industries including automotive, aerospace, athletics, education, financial
services, warehouse management, distribution, non-profits and legal with
major emphasis on health care and manufacturing.
In 1998, Sean created NetSoft, Inc., a software development company and
IT Pros, its IT services group. Dedicated to providing a complete portfolio of
services to clients of all types and sizes, Sean and his team designed and
executed solutions ranging from custom software design to IT security and
business continuity. In subsequent years, NetSoft would design software
for a well-known collegiate athletics conference, national non-profit
organizations and large health care groups, while IT Pros would build and
support the datacenters that hosted those solutions.
As Managed IT Services became a more mainstream offering, IT Pros
incorporated it into its services portfolio. This fixed-fee service model
presented clients with a predictable monthly fee for IT services, and its
success led IT Pros to later introduce a similar plan where clients were
provided hardware and software as part of the monthly service fee. This
Hardware-as-a-Service program is now one of the hottest products in the
portfolio and has helped IT Pros to distance itself from its competitors.
Sean and his team’s proudest achievement is building a successful
technology services company based solely on referrals since the nineties,
cultivating a loyal client base resulting in hundreds of successful projects.
Quality people providing quality service has been the key to this successful
growth, caring about client success every step of the way.
In 2010, for his efforts in expanding collaborative technologies for non-profit
organizations, Sean would be awarded Partner in Philanthropy of a national
non-profit organization as well as an honorable mention during a Governor’s
Award for Service to Rhode Island ceremony presented by then governor,
Donald Carcieri. Today, Sean continues to conceive IT solutions to provide
a more efficient and cost-effective collaborative operating model for nonprofit
Sean’s expertise in healthcare technology has earned him a seat on the
Board of Directors of a prominent Management Service Organization since
2008. During his tenure with this Board, Sean has directed efforts in EMR
development, federal guidelines, datacenter and Software-as-a-Service
design and deployment, technology adoption and onboarding. As of the date
of this publication, Sean still serves at the pleasure of this Board and the
MSO executive officers.
To connect with Sean:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-855-777-7891