Scott Spiro is founder and President of Computer Solutions
Group, Inc (CSG), and author of the book Hassle Free Computer
Support. In 2013, CSG was named one of the top 100 I.T. firms
in the nation by tradesite
In addition to solving the typical I.T. challenges most businesses
face, Scott has focused his own efforts in helping his clients and their families battle
Cybercrime, Cyberbullying, and other harmful technologies. A member of the U.S.
Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, Scott is dedicated to protecting both
businesses and consumers from the potential dangers of being “connected” 24/7 to
their computers. Additionally, with two small children of his own and some recent health
issues, Scott began development of new programs designed to help business owners
better manage their technology and lifestyle. This sometimes means turning it all off in
order to focus on not just their businesses, but also their health and loved ones.
A graduate of UCLA, Scott had originally planned to go into the Entertainment field.
However, a knack for technology and an interest in entrepreneurship led him along
a different path. Scott has been featured by the N.Y. Times, KTLA Channel 5 News,
KFWB, and was nominated by the Century City Chamber of Commerce for their Men
of Achievement award. Scott enjoys participation in the LA5 Rotary Club, EO, and any
activities that involve spending time with his family and friends.