Scott Gorcester is an IT visionary and entrepreneur. Scott,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, founded VirtualQube in
2012, and has been defining the company strategy, refining
the products and developing a strong partnership program. He
is a seasoned businessman and skilled IT architect, technician
and trainer. He and his team designed and built the technology stacks in use by
VirtualQube today.
Prior to founding VirtualQube, he was president of Moose Logic, an IT company he
founded in 1994. Moose Logic was one of the original 100 Citrix resellers and Scott
was one of the first people to use the technology to provide early cloud computing
solutions for clients. Moose Logic received accolades for numerous accomplishments
including three consecutive years on the Puget Sound Business Journal’s “Fast
Growing Companies in Washington State” list. It was also the #1 reseller of Citrix
Software in the United States in the first quarter of 1999, beating out companies four
to five times its size.
Scott entered the technology industry in 1991 as a sales executive with Applied
Computer Sciences. He is an accomplished race car driver, winning the International
Conference of Sports Car Clubs’ “Super Production Over 5 Liters” (SPO) Championship
in 2002 and setting a course-qualifying record for Improved Touring “E” class in
2006. Scott was accepted into the “Sports Car Club of America” (SCCA) Pro series
in 2006. He is not currently competing, but he continues to hone his driving skills on
a track and racing simulator. In addition, he is working on a program to encourage
young people to become better drivers. Scott understands the importance of a welldesigned
machine and applies the same attention-to-detail and integrity to his
clients’ business systems as he does to his race cars.