Scott Beck’s journey into technology started in 1993
while employed as an On-Air Radio Personality. The
station he was at became the first in Atlantic Canada
to implement a “Live Assist” computer system that
controlled what played on the air and eventually led to
the downsizing of staff. Surviving the cuts, he decided the best job security
was to learn about computers!
In the following years, his “Computer Hobby” developed into a true passion.
Leaving his position with the Department of Justice Canada, where he had
been exposed to networks and servers, he returned to school to become
Industry Certified. Graduating Top 7 from a two-year program, which he
completed in just one year, Scott earned several certifications: Microsoft
Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco Certified Network Associate, CompTIA
Network+ and CompTIA A+.
In 2002, Scott started asking small business owners and executives what
they disliked about their computers, network and support. Over and over
again, he heard spine-tingling, blow-by-blow accounts of things like:
• Our computer people take days to return my calls … and when
they do, all I hear is finger-pointing. Isn’t anyone accountable for
anything anymore?
• It’s too complicated…we just want to do our jobs, run our business…
• Nobody understands how it impacts my business when things don’t
run properly.
• I spend all this money on equipment and see no returns on the
investment… They didn’t even explain why I needed the new stuff
or what it was going to do for my business.
• What time is it? It’s got to be getting close to lunchtime. My
computer’s already locked up at least twice today.
• What am I paying for? Their bill and explanations are always in Geek
Seeing an opportunity to provide something different, BeckTek—a
Technology Management Firm—was launched in March 2004 to help small
businesses owners and executives run their businesses faster, easier and
more profitably.
Protecting clients’ best interests and delivering a superior client service
experience earned BeckTek a coveted Greater Moncton Excellence Award
for Service Excellence, the only IT Company to do so in the twenty-seven
year history of the awards. In 2014, BeckTek received a Moncton Times &
Transcript Reader’s Choice Award.
Since opening BeckTek, Scott has talked before, met with and worked
with, hundreds of business owners and executives throughout Atlantic
Canada. Scott enjoys helping business professionals get past their fears
and uncertainty regarding technology. He is passionate about reducing
client’s business risks, turning technology into a competitive advantage, and
improving their profitability.