Sapphire Gray currently lives and works in London, England and Graduated with 3 degrees from The University of East London and London Guildhall (now named Metropolitan University) despite being dyslexic .Sapphire is critically acclaimed as the “Work & Life Balance for women” Expert.
Sapphire’s expertise is in demand from women business centres, Start-up enterprises, business looking to increase their profits and business hubs at universities. Sapphire consults and gives advice to business women on how to balance family life, with a busy working schedule. Sapphire has been interviewed numerous times by local and international businesses, regarding her own experience; of balancing a busy work schedule with family life Sapphire’s aim is to use her experience and knowledge to help women achieve the right balance in terms of work and personal relationships.

In 2004 Sapphire founded what has now become “Work & Life Balance for women” and taken it from a local business to international status. Her clients regard her as the leading expert in this field.

She provides the skills to set up and maintain a profitable business, and offers a membership site that takes her clients, through a weekly programme, full of various resources, help sheets, coaching packages, business rolodex, and more….
A major part of the programme is accountability in the form of a monthly progress report that she provides for her clients… She has a powerful system that works and creates positive results.

Here are a few of her clients and what they had to say about her:
Angel Thomas In2Equity Financial Services ….” great at problem solving and finding solutions, I have found her to be honest, trustworthy”.

Flavia Gregoire-Mentor Scheme Officer at University of East London ….“Sapphire is a very strong individual with the heart for others determine to make a difference in their lives.”

Valrie Stewart-Executive Mentor…..“Sapphire Gray is an ideal person with strong follow through and closing ability who can be relied upon to deliver to the stated requirements of the given individual, situation or event”.

Sapphire’s clients are diverse in background, education, the type of businesses they run and the relationships they have – but all have benefited from her experience and personalized advice which is designed to focus on each individuals unique needs.

Sapphire has built up a strong presence in her local community and has helped to set-up a unique social enterprise “Many Shades of Grey” the first enterprise, focusing on families and business and also, sits on various local educational committees which are focused on personal development and education.
Some of the awards she has received are;
2011-E-factor for businesses
2011- Business of the year Jamaica Enterprise
2009-2011 Student Mentor UEL
2010-Vice Chancellors Volunteering Awards
2011 Haberdashers Fund for aspiring entrepreneurs
2011 Research award for: East London’s Enterprising Women.
To learn more about Sapphire Gray’s, work life balance for women and how you can receive a special report, “The top 10 powerful reasons, why balancing your family & business makes you more money”.