Dr. Sabreena CopeLyn, PhD, ACPEC, SPHR is a professional
speaker, consultant, and coach. She is a leading
wellness expert, plant-based nutritionist, and human
performance specialist. She has been successfully empowering
teams and individuals with advanced strategies
designed to enhance human performance for over 20 years. She is the
President and Founder of Waypoint Wellness, LLC.
A former international corporate executive and college professor, Dr. CopeLyn
understands the challenges of living/working in a fast-paced world and the
challenge of staying healthy, focused, and energized. After successfully conquering
her own health challenge – which nearly resulted in death – she
has dedicated her life to educating others about healthy food choices and
optimizing wellness. Using the latest research and cutting-edge solutions
in nutrition, psychology, and coaching, she utilizes a unique combination of
techniques to deliver extraordinary results for her clients.
Along with providing wellness-education, consultation and coaching, she
also teaches clients how to be smart food consumers and how to prepare
easy-to-make, nutritious, delicious, gourmet raw/vegan meals at home.
Dr. CopeLyn holds Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and PhD degrees.
In addition, she has also achieved over 18 professional certifications, including
Dynamic Eating Psychology, Advanced Certified Personal and Executive
Coach, Master Weight Loss Coach, Wellness Coach and Instructor, and Certified
Gourmet Raw/Vegan Chef and Instructor.
To learn more about Dr. Sabreena CopeLyn and how you can receive free
healthy recipes and wellness strategies, visit