“Work hard, have fun, get sexy!” That’s New Jersey
Personal Trainer Ryan Toth’s personal motto – and the
central theme of his popular Total Core Fitness Boot Camp
Ryan grew up in Central New Jersey, where he was the
quarterback of the Metuchen High School football team. He attended college
at Kean University, playing 2 years of college football, before graduating with
a B.A. in communications.
Ryan Toth’s true passion, however, was fitness – so he continued his education
by studying for and receiving his certification as a personal trainer. He was
especially interested in the boot camp fitness concept of bringing diverse
groups of people together for intense, challenging workouts that were also
unpredictable and fun. He approached a local YMCA and convinced them to let
him start a boot camp program, and it wound up being such a huge success
that many people joined the Y just to get into the camp.
His growing reputation and devoted fan base allowed Toth to launch his own
business, Total Core Fitness Boot Camp. There, he began offering fun, high
intensity workouts, a manageable class size of just 15 “campers,” and a very
affordable rate.
After five years of steady growth, the program has expanded to two locations,
in Metuchen and Sayreville. Additionally, for those times when his “campers”
can’t make it to a class, Toth created the At Home Transformation Bootcamp,
which he makes available for FREE on his website: www.totalcorefitcamp.
com. The program is comprised of a series of exercises that can be done
anywhere, using only a chair, and has been featured on local TV.
Ryan is married to his very understanding wife, Dori, who he met in high
school. They have three children – five-year-old Evan, three-year-old Ryan
and Caitlyn, four months old.